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Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an advanced technology for producing high-quality plastic parts that is widely used in various industries. Thanks to modern equipment and highly qualified specialists, the «Promservice» company ensures the manufacture of products that meet the highest quality standards.

We provide a full cycle of plastic product manufacturing: from part design, mold making to injection molding. In addition to plastic molding, we also own Metal Injection Molding technology.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of plastics injection molding and are able to produce parts of any complexity. We guarantee high product quality and compliance with the terms of delivery.

Injection molding - manufacturing aspects

Injection molding requires a high level of professionalism and precision at all stages of production. This process includes preparing polymer raw materials, accurate dosing, melting and injecting them into a mold under high pressure. Modern equipment provides optimal conditions for polymer casting, ensuring the high quality of finished products.

One of the key aspects of die casting is quality control at every technological stage. As a reliable manufacturer, Promservice implements modern methods of product control and testing, which minimizes the risk of defects and ensures that products comply with the declared technical characteristics.

Mold on an injection molding machine

Materials and their features

We work with all types of engineering plastics, as well as materials for Metal Injection Molding

Injection molding equipment

We have a fleet of modern equipment consisting of 22 injection molding machines from 50 to 650 tons

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Advantages of injection molding at Promservice

Promservice offers injection molding services, guaranteeing a professional approach at every stage of production. Highly qualified specialists and modern equipment allow us to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. At the same time, the cost of products remains inexpensive and accessible to everyone, and it can be obtained in a convenient way for the customer, both within Ukraine and around the world.

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