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Sheet stamping

Sheet stamping

Promservice specializes in the production of stamped components. We offer a wide range of products for different applications, as well as sheet metal stamping services on your tooling.

For the production of stamped components, we use crankshaft pneumatic presses. They allow working with sheet material with a thickness of 0.15 to 5 mm. The maximum force when manufacturing a part is 100 t.

We have pneumatic presses with forces of 15, 25, 40, and 100 tons.

Sheet metal stamping - products for various applications

Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing technology that allows forming metal parts from sheet materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. The process involves the use of blanking, bending, or combination dies to obtain the required shape and size of parts. Promservice company specializes in sheet metal stamping, offering customers the production of products of any complexity with high accuracy and quality of execution.

Main features of the technology

The production of stamped components is based on the use of special dies that can process metal sheets under pressure. This makes it possible not only to cut, but also to bend the metal, forming various structural elements from it. Modern technologies allow stamping to be performed at high speed and accuracy, which is critical for mass repair or production.

Due to the automation of the process, stamping is carried out with minimal material losses, which ensures high production efficiency. The use of various types of dies, such as blanking or bending, allows adapting the process to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring the receipt of products of various configurations and sizes, the cost of which is affordable for everyone.

Sheet stamping equipment

Types of stamping


Advantages of using sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping services have a number of advantages that make their choice relevant for various industries:

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